Monday, December 8, 2008


Stupidest Holiday Idea:

"Hey, let's show everyone how festive we are by putting a giant inflatable marker of bad taste on our front lawn!"

Stupidest Movie Cuss:

In My Best Friend's Wedding, Julia drops the F-bomb at the most random, inappropriate time. It makes her like a million times less attractive and about a billion times less likable. I think that F ruined the movie. Then, the restaurant singing scene was pretty lame too.

Stupidest Person I Know:

You've been reading this blog for a while. If you don't know who the stupidest person I know is, it must be you.

Stupidest Neighbors:

Mr. and Mrs. Upstairs.

Stupidest Fashion Statement:

When I was in high school (and this will probably tell many of you how old/young I really am), wearing thong underwear that stuck one to two inches out of your pants and was left uncovered by your midriff shirt was a popular practice. I'm not sure how these girls managed to get decent grades in classes they sat through with massive wedgies. Heck, I got a B on a physics test once just because I really needed to pee.

Stupidest People in the Medical Establishment:

I've seen a lot of doctors—I'll be adding two more to the list next month—but the least competent professionals were definitely those at Provo OB/GYN. Also, it's not so much GYN as OB, since they didn't even let me see a real doctor, because I'm not pregnant with anything but pauses. You know what? I already complained about this.

Stupidest Internet Business(es):

PayPal and eBay have given me way too much grief over the last two weeks. From canceling my auctions for no reason to somehow forcing to refund my money and undo a purchase for NO REASON, they've been a major pain in my well-proportioned behind in so many special ways. Tim and I bought a 24" monitor for $200—we're such bargain shoppers—and once PayPal decided to refund our money, claiming that our account and address were unverified and unconfirmed (they are both verified and confirmed), there were no more of those monitors and no comparable models anywhere near that price. I hate you, PayPal.

Your Stupidests:

Feel free to insert your own in the comments. In fact, consider today's comments area to be a "doghouse" for anything you feel to be a stupidest something, someone, or somewhere. Well, that seems to limit it just to nouns. If you have a stupid adjective, adverb, preposition, affix, article, phoneme, syllable, or other language particle that you'd like to put in the doghouse, those are welcome too.

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Sarah McMullin said...

Stupidest final: Family Law. How can 100% of my grade be based on a test that was 85% about jurisdiction, a section that made up only 8% of lecture?