Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Awesome is Tim?

Not a lot besides me gets any love on this blog. I think I showed some appreciation for yogurt back there somewhere, but you know who deserves praise way more than yogurt does? Tim.

Yesterday, I was having a somewhat crappy day. In the middle of the afternoon, Tim brought me a Costa Vida salad (just the way I like it!) and some chocolate. Real men know that food always helps. If that wasn't enough, he had wrapped up a little present for me and had it ready in the car when he picked me up from work. Awww.

It turned out to be Set (you know, the MENSA game?). Apparently Tim's thought process went something like this:

"Hmm, Amy is having a bad day. What would make her feel better? Oh, I know! Beating me at a game would make her feel much better!"

What woman could ask for more in a husband? For a guy as competitive as Tim (yeah, even nice guys can be competitive), it was a big sacrifice to keep a game in our home that he will probably never win. What a trooper.

For those of you who didn't know I was a flipping genius—now you know. Unfortunately, my genius extends only to the midpoint between rocking at a MENSA card game and producing three lines of ActionScript. Things like cooking, cleaning, and remembering to wash laundry on a regular basis tend to escape me.

And you know what? Without complaint, my courageous, StriplingWarrior-tastic husband washes the dishes, cooks dinner, and reminds me gently every time he runs out of clean clothing to wear. If it weren't for him, I would never eat, I'd live in a pit of my own filth, and instead of washing clothes, I'd cycle through my dirty ones until I lost my job because of my horrible stench, at which point I'd stop wearing clothes altogether.

Nobody but Tim could cheerfully endure the torture I have inflicted upon him over the last 2.5 years. I've really put him through the wringer, and the results are in: Tim is the man. He doesn't complain. I know I'm lucky to be married to him, but he always makes me feel like I'm 100% worth his time and all that we've been through—now that's a huge compliment.

I could go on and on about how great Tim is. I could tell one story of his patience and kindness for each day we've been married (and then some). But you still wouldn't get how awesome Tim is, because I'm the only person on Earth lucky enough to be his wife.

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Eileen said...

All that needs to be said is AWWWW!