Friday, December 12, 2008

Leaving Things Behind

There aren't many things I'm good at. I am probably the least talented or accomplished person I know. I'm not even good at listening or walking gracefully or writing—even though it's my job!

But as I pondered my past, I realized that there's something I'm really good at: leaving things behind.

And while I consider myself a realist—today I'm a realist who starts each paragraph with a conjunction—I think that being able to leave things behind puts me in a class of optimists. I often look forward to the future with so much excitement for what it might hold that I have little problem abandoning my old ways.


I didn't mourn moving away from the house I grew up in, never to see it again. My last Christmas there I asked for luggage. I've always been excited to move to a new apartment and decorate it in a new way. Even now I see my home as some future place more permanent than where I live today.


I've left behind gymnastics, martial arts, acting, playing the cello, and flirting.


I don't miss any of them.

This Post

I am already insanely bored with this post. I'm usually not super introspective, and now I know why. "Introspective" is just another word for "completely self-absorbed, boring, whiny, unlikable, and annoying." If I keep looking analytically at my past, I'm going to throw up. And I'll probably forget about all of the things I'm supposed to be doing now.

This may be the worst post I've actually published. Consider this an example of what blogging shouldn't be. Nobody wants to hear about your inner self. At least nobody wants to hear about my inner self—including me.

My Inner Self

Man, that inner self was a serious pain in the inner.

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