Thursday, December 4, 2008

Barack Obama Uses a Zune

Yes, that's right, the president-elect and I use the same portable media player. We both rock Microsoft's relatively unpopular, clunky, totally unsexy Zune. Now, besides the whole unpopularity thing, those are adjectives that Obama and I have in common. Of course, I'm pretty sure it's a requirement that US presidents be devastatingly unhandsome. Look at the last few:

Bill Clinton:

George W:

George Senior:

I mean, we know Billy thought he was God's gift to chubby women, but EW. Back in the day we had Kennedy and Reagan, who had some serious appeal before their faces started to droop with the weight of presidential years. Now we're getting Mr. Obama, who, though still young, is just not a hottie. How in the world did he get that gorgeous wife of his to marry him? I suppose we all know he's a very charismatic and intelligent guy. Really though, Mrs. Obama is the hottest first lady in a long time.

I definitely agree that Barack is better looking than a lot of presidents, but let's face it, at his age he should be much better looking. I know, not everyone is an Usher or a Tim Gordon, but a few trips to the gym and some expensive hair and skin products can go a long way. A very long way.

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Sarah McMullin said...

Barbara Bush's freakishly huge eyeballs don't appeal to you??