Monday, December 1, 2008


Today seems like a good day to share with you some of the music that makes me happy. Doesn't that sound nice? I put together a playlist to songify your experience on this blog post, but there was one favorite that couldn't make it: "Painkiller" by Jim Bianco. I don't like a lot of his music, but this song has the effect of three heartwrenching chick flicks. See the YouTube video below.

Totally worth the buck on Amazon! In fact, you can find basically all of this music on Amazon or emusic (I've done emusic: it's cheap, legit, and great). I won't hold it against you if you come back to this post only to listen to this music. Then again, you may not share my tastes. Happy listening.

Special thanks to Shar for the idea of putting a playlist on the blog and for the link to the service. You're awesome!


Shar said...

So I love this song. He's a funny guy, and such a great performer! (though a tad obsesessive in a kind of weird way)

so did you buy the song? If not...i might be able to get it for you :)

Sarah McMullin said...

Thank you for doing a music POSTING rather than putting one of those playlists on the bottom. I hate that I always have to mute my sound and hunt for the pause button on those pages.

Most on this playlist I have! Those I don't, I will come listen to later.