Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Hate eBay

I generally dislike anything that capitalizes its second letter but not its first and starts with a vowel, but eBay in particular has attracted my fury today. It's another five-minute freewrite, and today I do have something to write about.

I'm trying to sell my iMac and my Mac software in order to raise the money for a new PC. It turns out that a fully customized machine will work better for my needs. Anyway, I posted my Adobe CS3 Design Premium on eBay, where it gained four watchers in the first 24 hours of the five day auction, at which point some company came along and said I was in violation of their copyright ownership. WHAT!?

I'm fully within my rights to sell my full retail version (which I haven't used to get any upgrades) and transfer the license (per Adobe's instructions) to the buyer. So again I'm stuck contacting some mysterious company (BSA) that wrongfully accused me of criminal activity, while in the meantime I deal with eBay's "customer service."

Now, I'm relatively sure they have actual people manning the customer service desk, but for the sake of Pete, those people don't actually read the emails you send them. They could spend a lot less money and get an automated system that's just as effective. Anyway, my request for my listing fees back was ignored.

Additionally, in my email to them I mentioned that I had already contacted the BSA.
My email was like three lines long. Not that hard to read, right? And yet, their main recommendation was for me to contact the BSA. GAH!

A couple of years back I tried to sell a computer on eBay (which ended up being a MASSIVE failure due to eBay's total ineptitude, which could fill a few more blog posts), and I avoided selling on eBay until just recently, so now they've decided to remind me why I stopped selling with them in the first place.

Up yours, eBay.

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Sarah McMullin said...

BSA = Boy Scouts of America. I didn't know they had stock in Adobe.