Sunday, May 17, 2009


Tomorrow morning we leave for Paris for our vacation's vacation. London has been fabulous. I've eaten too many cafe sandwiches to count (not bad), fish and chips (awesome), pizza (very different from what we make at home), sausages and mash (heavenly), and a cheese and onion pasty (too much crumble and goo if you ask me). I've gorged myself on wine gums (all the nausea of getting drunk without any actual alcohol), fruit pastilles (delightfully crusted on the outside and delicious on the inside—and sinfully fake), and all the cadbury creme candy I could stomach (I've been craving it since they stopped selling in the US for the year). Did you notice they made the eggs smaller in the states?

I have had the humbling experience of knowing a little of what cat-lergic Tim went through when we brought home Coco. Something about the common British park tree makes my whole head want to end it all with a fatal jump from the top of my shoulders. It wouldn't be the first head to do just that around these parts by any means. People with allergies, I salute you.

I did most of the other stuff you'd imagine (but probably with less time spent in museums) and that's about that. Our camera or SD card glitched (probably the SD), so we're missing about 24 hours worth of pictures. Westminster Abbey was in there, and I'm super pissed those are gone. It's an incredible building. They kept referring to it as a "living church." The statement didn't hold up well, of course, when the tour consisted mainly of graves and memorials. It's a living church chock full of dead people.

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime. But if you want to hear more about it, you're welcome to take me out to lunch.

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Lisa said...

I'm living vicariously through you. Hope you don't mind.