Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Three Words

My feet hurt.

Tower of London.

Henry was compensating.

Harrod's is expensive.

Hot new jacket.

Wicked was incredible.

Missed my dinner.

Ate candy instead.

Off to shop.


carter said...

Man, if "mind the gap" doesn't make your "three words" post, then that's a bloody shame.

Sarah McMullin said...

Ryan: "They saw Wicked there? That's kind of cool." (He likes Wicked.) Were the actors speaking with British accents?

I'm so jealous!!! Thanks for posting while you're still there. I can pine from here.

(My captcha code is "mencest." Gross.)

carter said...

I saw Wicked there last summer (and indeed they spoke with British accents); was Elphaba black? The actress, I mean. She was AWESOME.