Friday, May 1, 2009


I realize this might be a bit too relevant for those of us surrounded by the threat of the H1N1 virus, but this game is just too perfect for the moment. Enjoy being the mastermind behind an infectious disease out to destroy the world! It's something to do while you're home sick, anyway.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I use the politically correct "H1N1 virus" rather than the common name for the bug, it's because I think cute little piggies (and fat, muddy, pink lard bags) are getting a bad name for something that's really not their fault. While rodents really were a huge problem as vectors for the bubonic plague, swine haven't been running around Mexico spreading disease the way flies, rats, mosquitoes, and other nasty things have done in the past.

So ladies and gentlemen, give the pigs a break and focus on the real contagion spreaders: you. Not Mexicans. That's right, I noticed the other day when you didn't wash your hands after using the restroom or before touching the pizza on pizza day. I was there when you sneezed on your hand and then wiped it on your pants—as if your pants weren't teeming with germs already. It's a simple thing to guard from disease, and you're not the only one you're protecting, you doorknob-touching, hand-shaking, elevator-button-pushing fiend! Wash your hands!

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I love you. :)