Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Suck at Friendship

We're all busy. Sometimes we forget to get back to one another. And it's terrible.

But we were friends.

And I tried to keep in touch with you. I sent emails. I even visited your family when I was back in our home town. They remembered who I was.

And after the third "hey, still alive?" email, I expected something. It would be rude to go further. Even that guy I went on a few dates with before moving on and later wanted to reconnect with emailed me back after only two emails to tell me he was married. It was awkward, but at least he responded.

But you? No. Nothing. It's like I don't exist. We're friends on facebook, but again, it's like you accepted me and have been hiding ever since. I've tried. And I've given up. Because the one thing that has become clear to me is that we can't be friends. Not because you're not nice and wonderful and all that. Not because we're both busy with life.

Because you suck at friendship. That is all.

BTW, if you're reading this, I'm SURE it's not you, so no guilt. Just complaining.


Shar said...

i've totally come to that conclusion lately about a few people. it's okay. the best ones DO write back.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who don't write or call, I lack empathy towrds people. I am not a psychopath, I would pretend to care so I could take advantage of someone. I just don't care. The strange thing is I'm sure I wasn't like this when I was a teen about 20 years ago, but I became this way as an adult.

I was married once, but the marriage wouldn't survive because of my inability to show affection. I had friends like most people, but they're dropping me left and right, they're all so human, and I just can't get excited with the things that are important to them, they seem silly.

My father died when I was 22, and that was for certain the single biggest blow in my life, I'm 37 now. I was happy when my dad was alive. I wonder if that's why I'm like this. I've done well, I adapt, I move on, and I don't get attached. I have a decent job, and everybody appreciates what I do, and I do it well, but when I go home I feel fine being all by myself, if somebody drops by... fine, if not... fine too. I don't bother people and people don't bother me, yet I am positive there's something pretty fucked up about me.

I'm not this way towards animals though, for some reason, I am a sucker for pets, like dogs and cats. I myself have a very mellow and cuddly Maine Coon, I can tell he knows I love him.

Anonymous said...

It says: "I am not a psychopath, I would pretend to care so I could take advantage of someone."

It should say: "I am not a psychopath, I would never pretend to care so I could take advantage of someone."

I've got fat fingers too, jeez. Sorry about that.