Friday, November 12, 2010

Unintended Consequences

I feel like the title of every post I write, or want to but don't write, could be titled "Things That Suck." I'm going to blame the hormones.

Because seriously, I wouldn't normally complain about everything. But lately, I just feel like it. So here goes:

My clothes don't fit right.

I am tired of nursing and will not feel better about it until I get myself some nice nursing bras and clothes and settle in for the long haul.

It's so flipping cold in here but I don't want to spend money on heating OR wear fuzzy socks that make my feet sweaty.

My tummy hurts all the time and I have two choices to fix it: take meds and be medicated, or eat and get REALLY fat.

I am tired of doctors and doctors bills and remembering to pay them when sometimes it's online, sometimes you have to call, and most of the time they'd rather you sent it in the mail and I never have stamps.

I am extra tired of relief society activities because it seems like you ALWAYS have to pay for them, and the money deadline is like two weeks or more in advance, and I never remember the money on the right day, or I'm home sick, or something, so when the time comes I can't go because I didn't give someone a check or cash two weeks ago, as if those were things I should be carrying around. I'm not effing 50, okay?

There is drool everywhere. I want to cuddle my baby, but he wants to slime me. It makes things uncomfortable.

My house is a disaster, but I'm too tired to clean it and baby won't be left to play independently for more than 30 seconds at a time.

My mom seems to be the only person on earth who can make my baby take a nap.

Parks & Recreation isn't premiering until mid-season, so I have to wait SO LONG to see the next season of a show I finally started to like. On a side note, The Office sucks more than I had ever imagined it would.

There is an ICKY DEAD BUG on my desk. I don't dare touch it, so I'm stuck looking at it.

Our laptop is broken so my computer use is limited to when I can sit myself in what must be the coldest corner of the house in a super uncomfortable chair.

I decided to eat healthier the last time I went shopping and now I regret it because every time I want to eat something all I have is fruit and nuts, and all I want is junk that is easy and not messy, like granola bars or anything with high fructose corn syrup.

Also, eating healthy is like the most expensive thing ever. I could pretty much either (a) eat healthy this year or (b) fill out my new fat-body wardrobe, (c) take a vacation, or (d) buy everyone nice Christmas presents. Considering how much eating healthy sucks, I will take b, c, or d. And the eight chins that come with them.

. . .

I think that's all I have in me for now. Besides a budding headache.


Lisa said...

Have you seen the "Sneaky Hate Spiral"?

You remind me of that :)

And I hate Relief Society meetings that you have to pay for, too. I'm not crafty, so I'm usually not interested in it, and isn't the whole point to have people be able to come? Not "If you're prepared and knew about it in advance and paid you can come"?

Lara + Chris said...

Hey Amy! Just saw the comment on my blog. How do I cope? That's a tough one. Time, mostly. Some days I don't. I'm lucky enough to be close enough to my mom that anytime I need to talk about Caleb, I can. I can't imagine trying to grieve and raise Caleb's brother/sister at the same time. :(

Don't talk about this in the original blog (Heart in the Clouds) but this might be of interest to you:

Fabi said...

You are a Debbie Downer. Your cynical observations aren't even insightful. I can't read anymore.