Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Women Have Been Doing It for Millenia

Do you ever hear women saying, "Oh, women were having babies long before we knew XYZ about baby care, and they were fine!" or "Women used to deliver naturally before hospitals, and their babies turned out okay!"

Well you know what? They didn't. They had insanely high death rates. So be whatever kind of parent you want, but if your logic is that historically babies survived without their vaccines and without a hospital to be born in, it's seriously flawed. We have modern medicine for a reason. Partake of it wisely, but don't give it up because you're afraid of something terrible happening. Most likely, the terrible things will happen without it, and more often than with.

So if you're pregnant, and you decide that a glass of wine can't hurt because plenty of women drank during their pregnancies before we knew about fetal alcohol syndrome and their kids are fine, or you don't really have to be careful what you eat because it's too paranoid to go and look up what is and isn't okay for your baby, well, all those condom ads are for you.


B said...

hi amy. i saw your comment on heart in the clouds and wanted to come here and say how sorry i am that you lost one of your twins. i also wanted to point you to the blog - Eve lost one of her twins in pregnancy and the other survived. you might know about her and this website already but is also an amazing website for those who have lost a child.

thinking of you x

Sarah McMullin said...

I just had this exact conversation with Ryan a few days ago. Yes, they have done it forever, and LOTS OF THEM DIED. So let's embrace modern medicine and be grateful.

B said...

i can't believe i forgot to point you to too. she also is raising one survivor of twins.