Sunday, October 19, 2008

Possibly the Scariest Thing Ever

I've been in the mood for a scary movie for a while now, so tonight Tim rented "The Thing" and loaded it up on the ClearPlay.

Holy Crap.

I've seen some scary movies, but I think "The Thing" wins for the most enjoyably frightening monster/alien flick. The filter on the ClearPlay took out all of the cussing and a good amount of violence, but the mutating monsters and "fungus among us" suspense were enough to make it to the top of my horror list. I'll admit it: I love horror, but I'm the kind of person who loses sleep for days over really scary ones. "The Grudge" was so awful I spent the night sharing one of my roommates' twin beds (thanks again, Melissa). After seeing "The Ring," I wanted to carve out the part of my brain that stored the movie's horrible images! But "The Thing" was everything horror should be, minus anything that would get you hyperventilating over its memory a week later.

For something that came out two weeks before "E.T.," it had surprisingly good special effects. Either the FX actually were really well done, or the intensity of the film just gave goop-covered animatronics and stop motion animation their fair shake in the visual effects world. Either way, "The Thing" was definitely worth watching.


Sarah McMullin said...

I saw Thing when I was like 7 on TV, and I couldn't sleep for a week. I might be able to hack it a little better now.

Emily said...

Good to know, I generally stay away from scary movies because of the effect that "the Ring" had on me, and still has on me, but they aren't all like that and can be really fun. We'll have to look into "The Thing"