Monday, October 13, 2008

I Promised Pictures

For a long time after we moved back to Provo, I couldn't find the card reader. I refuse to plug my camera into the computer because stupid Mac OS believes that since I own a Canon, I must want to use iPhoto, and it gives me no other options. I will not be bullied by my computer this way.

Yesterday, I finally found the card reader (in plain sight, of course), so pictures are here! I know how long you've all been waiting to see pictures of my grand adventures. Without further ado (well, maybe a little—I'm an ado-y kinda' girl), Denver:

This one's crooked, but I'm too lazy to fix it. It's downtown Denver looking toward the 16th Street Mall.

Next is a little further up downtown. Below those buildings there is a shop with wonderful cookies . . . or so they tell me.

We spent a ton of time walking around downtown. We saved gallons of gas just enjoying the scenery and entertainment within walking distance. I certainly didn't lose any weight from all of the walking, but it was good clean fun. Yep. Good and clean. Clean and fun. Good and fun. And clean.

Okay, I'm already getting bored of this post. I mean, I already exposed my demented inner self today (Come on! "Capping Be Verbs!?" How is that not both obvious and funny?).

Anyway, blah blah blah, lots of shiny buildings and crap. Now for the less shiny things (I like to think of myself as glowing, thank you very much).

There you go: fake rock climbing and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (or maybe a few too many dinners, judging my my chubby cheeks and chins).

Oh, and here's a pretty church:


Lisa said...

Yay Denver! You were in my sister's ward, you know. Did I already tell you that? Small world.

Eileen said...

You look so pretty! Denver's OK too. ;-) Looks like a fun place to explore. (Denver that is...yeah. Moving on.)