Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Must Be at Least This Tall

I had an ultrasound yesterday and met my OB for the first time. We'll call him Dr. G. He is, of course, everything you can ask for in a doctor on the first visit. He even offered me both better nausea meds and an Rx for the acne I hadn't complained about. I suppose that's what I get for skipping the makeup.

The one thing that threw me was his shock that at my age, I had come from a fertility clinic having undergone IVF. I could attribute his shock to the fact that not many people my age could hope to pay for in-vitro, but then when he saw my twofer for himself, he said again, "Wow, twins at 23!"

And yes, of course I'm thinking, crap, how am I supposed to raise one baby, let alone two! And I'm fully happy with my decision to do IVF, even at my age, and even with twins. It's time for me to do the mommy thing, so I went for it. Adoption agencies wouldn't have a problem with me adopting. And I'm not even young to have kids. What am I saying, I don't need to excuse myself to you guys!

Anyway, I realize not many women my age get in-vitro, but that's because most women my age are WAY more fertile that I am, and respond better to weaker treatments. And, you know, don't have dangerous reactions to Clomid. And want to have careers.

Let's face it, I hated all the BSing required for a desk job. I'd rather be puked on regularly for several years than have a CEO who hates me hanging my job over my head every few months for no good reason. Not that I did this just because I didn't like working, but it certainly made me think about who and what I want to be.

And I figure if I'm going to kiss up to a-holes, I'd rather give birth to them first. I suppose I'm giving up the desk job grind for the rewards of screaming toddlers and messes made of poo (or for now, constant nausea, fatigue, and a pot belly). I suppose I might think differently in June, but even at 23, I'm happier than a very icky-feeling clam to be unemployed and expecting twins.


Lisa said...

GO YOU!!! I think that most people your age haven't even THOUGHT about having kids, let alone gone through IVF to get them. That's the one and only thing I miss about Happy Valley--people were excited for you when you were pregnant, not whispering "Teenage pregnancy" in the corner (true story).

mkmalherbe said...

You're probably the coolest person I've never met. I had a horrid reaction to Clomid as well, but we're too poor to get IVF. I am living vicariously through you. (btw, I'm Jessica Dunlap's friend...lol) Congratulations (so, so much I can't express it in typing) and hopefully I haven't creeped you out too much. :)

Brooke said...

I am so happy for you! Congratulations! I will continue to read of your adventures and offer my advice on motherhood... as if I am the specialist! Ha Ha.