Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blogcation Over

Okay, so I took a month off. I've been avoiding answering the question. Also, I've been increasingly sick and tired. The last month has been an everythingcation. Really. I mean, I probably should have showered more. So at this time I've decided to step back into the real world. Tonight, I blog. Tomorrow, I may change out of my pajamas into whichever of my clothes still fit (which may just be different pajamas).


Emily said...

does this mean i can say "congratulations" ? i really hope so! *hugs* hope you're feeling well, can't wait to hear more details.

Lisa said...

According to your poll at the right, I think I can officially say, "Congratulations!!!!!!" Twins?? How exciting!! And scary, but we won't mention that part too much. CONGRATS!!!!!!

I hope you stop feeling barfy soon.

Brooke said...

I hope all goes well.