Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And for the Record

My dad has a large movie collection that entertained me for hours during my youth. Not watching the films, but arranging the cases alphabetically, by genre, by how much I liked them, by how often I watched them, by color, and by age.

I was both psychologically and physically a very anal retentive child. Unfortunately it manifested in strange quirks like hording toiletries under my bed and using scissors to shred anything I could get my hands on. At least it saved my parents money on diapers.

In other news, after a brief trip to Kohl's, I am now both unreasonably tired and somewhat nauseated. And I have some clothes that fit over the basketball I'm digesting. And some that will eventually fit said basketball.


NAlton said...

I'm glad you're blogging again! :D I've missed you.

(I used to stack pennies...by mint date. I still do. Maybe.)

Lisa said...

Yay for feeling sick! Isn't that silly? But yay :)