Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Honeymoon Starts Early

Nausea mostly abated. Normal digestion. The ability to stay awake for almost 12 hours. It's too good to be true. Something must be terribly wrong.

Either that or my new nausea meds and exercise routine are doing too much good, but when has that ever happened?

Of course, I am completely powerless to do anything at this point and will have to wait until my next ultrasound in a week to know anything. And worrying in the meantime will simply make stress for me, which makes stress for the babies. And if the babies are too stress-prone, they'll probably both grow up to be accountants, managing their stress by organizing their movie collections alphabetically by genre while eating only the brown m&m's.

What I need right now is a good nap and for my Chick-fil-A breakfast to give me indigestion.


Andee said...

For the record, I totally organize by dvds alphabetically by genre. It seems so much more logical to me than any other method.

Lisa said...

Ahhh, being pregnant. When you're nauseous you wish that you wouldn't be nauseous anymore, and when you're not nauseous you get worried. I know how you feel. Good luck--keep us updated.

NAlton said...

Is there anything inherently WRONG with alphabetizing your DVDs? I do that... :(


Keep those babies happy!

Sarah McMullin said...

I remember that panic over whether I was nauseous enough. For me it was cyclical: I would be fine for four days, bad for three. How wonderful would it be if you were through that phase, though?