Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Zune

I have a Zune. I own, use, and love a Microsoft Zune 30G PMP. It may be a little chunky, but hey, so am I! I also own a Mac, which makes me one of like eight people in the world who have used a Zune with an Apple computer. Anyway, today I've been missing my Zune. It's somewhere in the car or under my bed or something. Since I've been sick and relatively non-mobile the past couple of days, I haven't needed it, but I was craving some election day radio at work, and it wasn't there. Anyway, in honor of my 30th post, here are seven reasons my Zune is awesome:
  1. Radio—The Zune comes with a built-in FM tuner that will show you what song you're listening to on the radio. It even lets you tag it so you can buy it later.

  2. Wireless Store—I can shop for music anywhere there's wireless, so if I find a song I like, I can buy it next time I'm in a hot spot.

  3. Wireless Syncing—I can sync my Zune anywhere in apartment! Tim set up our computer to be a DVR (like TiVO), and he configured it so every show we record automatically converts to a readable format and syncs to my Zune. How cool is that? Next time I'm bored (which hasn't happened too often lately), I can just whip out my Zune and watch last night's rerun of Say Yes to the Dress.

  4. Awesome Interface—The Zune interface is the peak of usability. I know some of you will disagree with me there, but I believe it to be a gorgeous and incredibly intuitive system.

  5. Custom Background—A huge part of the interface's beauty is the fact that I can choose my own background image. Also, the screen is big enough that having a background image doesn't make it a huge mess. Right now, my background is a close-up of drops of water on the edge of a leaf.

  6. Big Screen—The screen is turned sideways, so there's more room. I can't believe nobody thought of that before.

  7. Sentimental Value—My Zune was Tim's big gift to me for our first Christmas as husband and wife. I unwrapped the package and found a Chex cereal box. I was in the middle of thanking Tim for his thoughtful gift of one of my favorite cereals when he pointed out that there weren't any Chex in the box.

The joys of Zune ownership are many.

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Sarah McMullin said...

Quote from Ryan regarding reason number three: "That makes me want to marry Tim." Share if you like.