Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Hot = MIT Ho.

No, I'm not an MIT ho. And you probably already know I'm not hot. But today, someone accidentally called me hot, and I found an interesting anagram generator and decided to anagram myself. Here were the most interesting ones:
  • Monogamy Raider
  • Diagram Ye Moron
  • Manage Miry Odor
  • Merry Mood Again
  • My Eroding Aroma
  • (My favorite) Gray Moor Maiden

  • (just my first and last names)

  • Mangy Odor
  • Angry Mood
Wasn't that fun? Go find your own anagrams!

As a disturbing side note, there were many more anagrams available, almost all of which had to do with (a) violence, (b) body odor, (c) cows, or (g) orgies (pardon the word and adjacent wordplay, please). I didn't think those would be nice to include.

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