Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just read a talk by Elder Maxwell given at BYU 30 years ago (well, 30 years minus four days). I highly encourage you to read it. I can't email it to everyone, but I found it so comforting and inspiring, I wanted to share it with those of you who would appreciate it.

I haven't yet written about all of the amazing things that happened the weekend before last. I spent the weekend with my mother—a woman who knows me too well and still wants to be my friend. I saw my friend Eileen endowed and sealed to her husband and daughter in the temple. I visited my friend Miriam and her day-old son in the hospital.

The weekend was filled with the kind of precious experiences that I will never forget in all of the eternities to come.

I mentioned over a month ago my quest for healing. As happens so often, I was surprised by the way things unfolded. Above all, I know that my life and my health are in the Lord's hands, and with that conviction, I neither fear nor doubt the future, or God's plan for me.

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