Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Terrible Mother

I've been a bit sick lately. In fact, there is a support forum for people as nauseated as I am. And today, I am having an incident.

Finley pooped some time during his morning nap. It is a most disgusting poo, which can be smelled rather disgustingly from about 8 feet away from his bedroom door. If I penetrate the poo-stank barrier for longer than a few seconds, I gag. Any longer, and I'm sure I will barf. Who knows what will happen if I actually open the diaper.

Anyway, since I simply cannot stand the thought of turning my day into a vomit- and poo-cleaning party, I am leaving that poo there until Tim can come home. I'd rather keep my stomach acids off of both baby and nursery floor.

And apparently this makes me a terrible mom. My "support" forum, where I posted my problem thinking maybe someone else would understand, has deemed me unfit because I'd risk my baby's bottom skin for an hour waiting to change that poo. Because, as a mother, I should be willing to vomit like crazy AND clean up poo to save my baby from diaper rash.

But you know what? I'm not. So if you're sitting there thinking how much better of a mom you are than me, enjoy it! You win! I am a selfish whore! If you think you could handle my life so much better than I am, you can have it.


Kalliope said...

I shall take this moment to remind you of my cousin. That is all. Perspective, friend. You are not a terrible mom. A little bit of self-preservation does not make you unfit.
Love you.

lisa said...

Oh amy! One of those days... this reminds me of all the tupperware dishes I've thrown away because I was too afraid of what I might find if I opened them. Sorry--weird analogy, especially when babies are involved. Never mind. Nothing alike. Forget I said it. And, yeah. Sorry.

Really I just meant to say I hope you feel better soon. And I bet you're stronger than you think you are. Hang in there!

The Armstrong Article said...

i've totally done that. don't feel bad... we all have those days. an hour won't kill him. and if that's the worst thing you do as a mother... you're not doing too bad.

why have you been so sick?

Lisa said...

Haha, I love this! Good for you. An hour of poo-butt didn't kill anyone. Once I was telling someone a story of when Aaron was pretty newborn, and I had just finished feeding him at 4 or 5 in the morning and was burping him. He was slowly falling asleep, then did a big poo, then fell completely asleep. So there I sat, debating what to do. This is when the person I was telling the story said, "But you just have no choice, huh? You just have to change the diaper!" To which I said, "I actually just put him down and went back to sleep." And guess what? No diaper rash. I'm still glad I did it. What?! Tell your forum THAT.