Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Lame Gift to You

"Each of us will experience over our lifetime physical pain, emotional anguish, heartache, grief, even betrayal in one form or another. If we attempt to deny the problem or to cover it with a façade of forced sweetness and light, we imperil both ourselves and each other—ourselves because we deny the healing that can result from the love, strength, and insights of true friends, and each other because people then assume we are our façades and feel even more isolated with their problems"
-Mary Stovall

I found this quote last night in a book someone gave me when I was on bed rest. I felt like it summarized why I keep this blog. So I hope you don't feel isolated. And I pray that when you feel like I do, at least you don't feel alone.

And I get the gift of you guys. So many of you have given me your love, strength, and insights, and I can't thank you enough.


Lisa said...

I love that quote! I agree--that's why I blog. Sometimes people are surprised at how I'll talk about problems I have (which is silly--I almost always talk about them after they're resolved), but why hide them? We all have problems, and by sharing them it helps everyone. Since when do we all have to have perfect lives?

Shar said...

this was awesome! thank YOU. i've loved our conversations through our blogs. you always help me by saying just what i need to hear.