Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Fantasy

Ever since I was pregnant with Finley and Oliver I've had a fantasy of learning how to play the acoustic guitar. Seriously. The other day I even saw one out by my neighbor's trash and thought of picking it up. It had no back, though, and I thought it might be more trouble than picking through trash in my own neighborhood was worth.

But this afternoon, when we went to my parents' for the second half of Christmas, I unwrapped a beautiful little guitar with my name on it. Actually, it says Fender, but same difference.

I am going to be a totally different person now.

There are actually some pretty decent lessons out there on the internet. For free! And I know it's cheap, but hey, I'm not going pro or anything. This is strictly for the purpose of being the coolest mom ever. I've already learned three chords, which is further than I ever got with guys who were trying to hit on me by teaching me guitar.

. . .

Okay, so I'm not going to be the coolest mom ever. Probably. But I need this. A hobby I can do at home that kids will put up with. That might sometimes put them to sleep. My cello (did you know I played the cello for like 10 years?) is pretty much dead, and considering that it is a whole-body stationary affair, it's not the most motherhood-compatible instrument out there. This thing? It straps on!

But I suddenly had a waking nightmare about the little one swallowing picks. I might have to keep those in a lockbox.


Lara + Chris said...

Do it! You'll be so proud of yourself. :)

Regarding your question - we have a Sonoline B doppler, just from Amazon. It's kind of hit or miss this early still but I can *usually* pick it up at least for a few seconds. We still aren't out to friends or anyone other than idea when we'll do that, if at all officially.

Shar said...

merry christmas to you! i totally want to hear you play something. and you played the cello? wow. wow.