Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thin-Crust Pizza

I've been loosely dieting, and when I was craving pizza yesterday, Tim brought home a chicken/bacon/artichoke deelite from Papa Murphy's. It was pure diet heaven. I'm finally starting to enjoy a few sugar-free treats.

But is it just me, or does time pass slower in the absence of Hostess Cupcakes? I feel like I've been sitting at my desk for years since I got here this morning. At home there are all kinds of lovely things like Tim and Coco and leftover pizza and sleep. Here, I sit endlessly cutting and pasting the right text into the right spot as I listen to my stomach sluggishly digest a 25 calorie bag of baby carrots. Yawn.

I've reached the height of boredom, the height of sloth, the height of tired. My thoughts are bouncing back and forth between my next slice of pizza and my next nap. Well, more like rolling or oozing than bouncing. They say TV will melt your brain, but guess what: so will a desk job on a Thursday in June.

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Lisa said...

Man, thanks for reminding me why I'm glad to not have a desk job in June. I remember how that feels.

Dude, my mom got these hostess cupcake 100-calorie packs--have you seen those? They're actually quite delish. Not as much as the original, but ya know. Better than baby carrots. ;)