Monday, June 15, 2009

Important Confessions

I say I don't like cooking, but I actually really enjoy it when the dish involves bacon. I'm pretty sure bacon is the original aphrodisiac.

I am developing an unhealthy addiction. When Tim was out of town, I decided I'd try something new and get a mystic tan. Then, I decided I might as well try for some real color—you know, since I've been ghost white all my life (I look like a flipping apparition in my senior photo). I went all out and got a month of unlimited tanning, and I feel like I've discovered El Dorado. But it's more than just looking like an actual human being. When I close the lid on the white-noise filled tanning bed and feel the breeze of the fans keeping my cooking skin cool, the rest of my life disappears. Me time. Ten minutes of solid frying is as good for me as an hour of deep breathing and meditation.

Laurel has now saved me twice from embarrassing zipper incidents.

I play World of Warcraft. I am Donnanoble, a level 53 Beast Mastery Specced Dranei hunter (and occasionally Frexxa, a level 62 Blood Specced Gnome Death Knight). I realize this makes me a gigantic loser, and is probably why I have a weight problem instead of friends.

I will probably never own an iPod out of respect for Tim's deep hatred of Apple.

As a girl, I never had celebrity crushes. I did, however, fall madly in love with several fictional characters. Lucky me, I also happened to marry Prince Charming, so I suppose my disconnect with reality worked out for me.

I actually like Smart Balance fake butter spray.

I usually eat ice cream because of peer pressure rather than actually liking it. I don't dislike it, and I do occasionally crave it myself, but I'm not a big ice cream eater. I am, however, a big ice eater. MMMM!


Eileen said...

Mmmm BACON! Dude, we need to hang out!

Lisa said...

I was just talking to my bro who works at Microsoft--his feelings about Apple are pretty severe. So I like to tell him about how we have an iPod and how I prefer Google Search to Live Search :) :)

And I agree about "me time" during tanning. I haven't done it very much--a few before my wedding and then a few recently with my mom. But it's nice AND you look better. Win-win.