Sunday, April 19, 2009

You People Are Encouraging My Bad Behavior

My whiniest posts seem to draw the most visitors to my blog. In fact, if I get any whinier, I could probably start bringing in revenue from ads. I am, on a smaller and less alcoholic scale, Lindsay Lohan, whom the world continues to watch as the spirals into an ever increasingly disgusting pit of substance abuse and attention-seeking behaviors.

Don't feel bad. I regularly post my hormonal insanity here for you to read, guilt-free. It's my fault I check Google Analytics so often and correlate readership to post type. And really, it makes me feel better that you enjoy dwelling on the things that bother me as much as I do. Aw man, and that last sentence was totally ambiguous.

To not seem ungrateful, though, you guys are the tops when it comes to friends. Your comments, conversations, commiseration, cake, and other calorie-filled comforts have consumed my cares with courage to continue. It's okay, that last sentence makes me feel a little sick inside, too. (Let's see if I can get the rest of my c-words out: crying, corn chips, Clean & Clear, crap, and . . . oh yeah!)

In other news, we bought a shiny new car. Technically it's not new. We're not quite irresponsible enough to take the financial hit of driving a new car off the lot. No, we bought an '08 Subaru Impreza with pretty dang low miles. It has AWD, so I might not die trying to drive in the snow. It's pathetic, but I've lived in Utah for almost six years and I've only driven in the snow a handful of times.

Now that liability-only insurance coverage won't suffice, I'm suffering from a bit of vehicular paranoia. I have, over the past few days, assessed parking neighbors, driven more defensively than ever, and even peeked out my window to make sure the car is still parked safely in front of our apartment.

I'm sure most of you feel the end-of-semester tingle in the air—you know, the one that's even sweeter when you don't have to take finals or turn in huge projects worth massive proportions of your grade. I'll confess that I'm more excited about Tim's graduation than my own.

I get the added prizes of having both family and family-in-law come to visit and a dinner at Tucano's to boot. Did I mention I'm on a new diet? I'm trying to increase my proportional protein intake and reduce sugars, fat, and calories altogether. Yes, it is miserable, but at least I can feel good about a solid meat-gorge next weekend!

Oh, and have I mentioned how great you guys are? One or two of your guys' blogs provide a solid chunk of the visits to mine. I get the happy tingles every time one of you fabulous people comments on a post. And it just makes my day when you guys read my blog, know what's up with me, and talk to me about it. That's pretty cool. And I haven't eaten in a while, so I'm off to the kitchen to cheat on my diet and sing some song by Michael Jackson about healing the world.


Lisa said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of your almost-new car! That's awesome!

And that's cool that you're coming to Colorado! What's the occasion? I would totally book-swap with you, but I so rarely buy books, since I almost never re-read books. I use the good ol' library :)

Eileen said...

Oh that will be fun to have your family here! My mommy and daddy are coming too. I'm so excited! Congratulations to Tim! Hope you guys have a blast. And isn't a diet if you don't cheat! ;-) Love yah!