Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sometimes You Want to Go

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Most of the time, I love my job. Everybody has days when they'd rather be in Costa Rica, but I have to admit that my work days are good days. I have a pretty sweet job, which I come to appreciate more and more as I hear about other people's experiences. I would guess that it's because I'm just not a complainer, but anyone who's been here before knows better. Complaining is my talent. Some people sing, others are great listeners, and still others can model the universe in equations. I complain.

But when it comes to going to work each day, I have little to complain about. I work with the nicest, coolest, most supportive people on Earth. I am really blessed to interact daily with the people at Imagine Learning. The ladies are really sweet, but not in a way that makes me feel bad for being the cynical, terrible person I am. Anyway, the folks I'm talking about really make work rewarding. And they've been great with help, advice, and understanding when I need it.

We get thrust into communities based on our jobs, schoolwork, religion, and hobbies, and I have to say how glad I am to be a part of my particular work community.

Completely Insane

But speaking of Imagine Learning, a bunch of people from the company are going to Costa Rica this week. Now, my thoughts on this have ranged from how awkward it would be to have to vacation with coworkers to how nice it would be to get a bit of a tan, but I can't help but focus with a little bit of worry on the emptiness of my office next week. I like to do a lot of things—eat, sleep, spend money—but I do not like to sit alone in an empty room for eight hours a day.

I have never lived alone. I think it's because when I was 16, my brother refused to kill a spider on my bedroom wall because I'd need to figure out how to do it myself when I lived alone. After several hours of trying to rig up ways I could kill the spider from outside of my bedroom, I finally slept on the couch downstairs. With the threat of having to kill my own spiders, I've been happy to have roommates, as much as I may disagree with them over sleeping hours, etc. Who is going to kill the spiders if there isn't anyone around me for at least two offices on either side?

On top of that, it's good to have someone else with you for other reasons: to blame creepy noises on them, to rant in your head about their loud breathing, to pretend you're aiming at someone when you're really talking at nothing, etc. It's not that I can't be alone. I like to have time (a few hours or a week) to myself every now and then. I'm just saying that the silence in my corner of the office building may build from boring to creepy, at which point I may lose my mind.

To London

We're thinking a trip overseas might be just the thing for the summer. Neither of us has ever been off the continent, and we figure if we don't go on this adventure now, we won't have the chance for another 20 years. Once kids, a mortgage, etc. come along, we'll be too poor, busy, and settled into our groove to even think of leaving town. I have no kids, and I will enjoy it.


Provo is seeping into my veins. In my April appointment, I'll let doc start testing away and trying to pump life into my ovaries. As my mom put it, this is my window, and if I don't take advantage of it, I'll regret it. I'm sure I have time before the baby train runs me over, but I suppose it's time I bought my ticket. Here goes.

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Lisa said...

I don't like spiders or creepy noises either. Good luck.