Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Happy Post

I've decided to take a break from whining today. For the moment, I'm feeling rather chipper. With plenty of sugary drinks and things I shouldn't be eating sitting in my kitchen, a fabulous weekend behind me and one more day off ahead, and no metformin in my tummy, I have nothing to complain about at all. I'll worry about impending doom tomorrow.

Lately I've been on a strict diet of light, fluffy crime books about serial killers. Tess Gerritsen was a bit of a disappointment as far as style goes, but her story was decent enough. I can see why they published her, but I can't see why they didn't do a more thorough substantive edit. After reading The Keepsake, I can't stop thinking that it shouldn't be as hard to get published as it is. She left an entire character's plot lines hanging, with a pathetic (and failed) attempt to tie them up by having the main(?) character know things she had no way of knowing. Her point of view shifts were awkward and inconsistent. Still, I enjoyed the break from thinking. A little suspense'll keep me entertained for a few hours well enough. A romantic Valentine's Day trip to the library provided my next diversion: a duo of books about a male detective's struggle with a female serial killer.

I had a lovely Valentine's Day. Salmon, roses, and the most amazing husband I could've possibly asked for will always make for a good day. Of course V-day was just another reason to remember the millions of things about Tim that make me the luckiest wife on Earth. I got to spend the week thinking about how lucky I am to be with someone so patient. I've certainly put Tim through plenty these last few years. I know he's built of the tough stuff. But his endurance is not the least of charms. He takes the time to do romantic things. He cooks. He cleans. He rubs my back when it aches. He listens to me whine about just about anything you can imagine. He reads with me. He is incredibly smart, well-read, educated, and entertaining. Plus, he's a kick to talk to. There's nobody else I'd rather hang out with.

Speaking of things that are fab, I recently discovered I really like Tab. The carbonated throwback was our impulse buy at Albertson's last night. It may be the most awesome diet drink to ever hit the shelves (twice). With the double flying roundhouse kick of aspartame and saccharin, it's earned a spot in my not-quite-deep-enough-for-a-"fridge-pack" fridge right between the Jones and the spreadable cheese. I know I should be on a diet, but . . . you know what, I don't have an excuse. Forget I brought it up.

In other news, I've been working on our new bee-themed budgeting site. Tim did some redesigning to the database, and I've been spottily writing the CSS today. I haven't been super inspired about the design, but once I get the layout together (which I've been lazy about, since I can't stop thinking about what it might look like), I can design and redesign until I'm old and gray. Oh and that's the other awesome thing about Tim: he's not a bad database developer. Together, we're a freaking awesome team. We're like a duo of Chinese acrobats, but without the whole "performance art" thing. Or like Bonnie and Clyde without the whole crime thing. Or like Sarah and John Connor, but without the whole awkward mother-son dynamic. And minus Summer Glau altogether. You get the idea.

I've also recently resurrected my PMPs for general use. I have to tell you that I love Adele. She is awesome. So what if I've been sauteing myself in British/American crossover pop culture?

In conjunction with my whole "books about murder" spree, I'm way excited about listening to a Kathy Reichs book on my Sansa clip. If you've ever watched the Fox show Bones, you know it's about a forensic anthropologist who solves crimes and writes bestsellers about her fictional self, Kathy Reichs. Well, as it turns out, Kathy Reichs is a real-life forensic anthropologist who solves crimes and writes books about Temperance Brennan (the chick from the show). Crazy huh? Anyway, the city library has audiobooks you can check out online, and Kathy Reichs is on there! Yay for me!

How was that for not whining? I may have groused a bit about Ms. Gerritsen, but I think I recovered well, don't you?


Lisa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Not necessarily because you "weren't whining," but because I like your writing.

Emily said...

Sounds like a great Valentines Day, and Tab?! I have forgotten about Tab, I'll have to try it as my caffeine free diet pepsi phase is coming to an end. I really have never tried it but one of the things I remember about my grandfather is him sitting in his big chair with that pink can in his hand.

AprilA said...

What Lisa said! Maybe I'll try actually writing again.