Friday, February 6, 2009

The Problem with Wii Fit

I like my Wii Fit. That may have something to do with how it usually assigns me a low Wii Fit Age, or how it consistently gives my weight about four pounds lower than the doctor's office scale. It tracks my weight and BMI, and it has some pretty fun games (forget exercise, that's not what it's for).


Wii Fit yoga may be the worst thing ever created. I am a yoga novice when I feel well enough to turn upside-down, and I really enjoy the stretches, strength poses, and balance challenges involved in a good yoga workout. Classes, videos—both are good for a nice, relaxing body-awareness experience. But the Wii Fit ruins all that. First, it has no flow. That's a big fat duh. I mean, it's not really yoga anyway. But then, when you're trying to balance, focus, and breathe, your "trainer" makes one inane comment after another about what you should concentrate on, how your balance is looking, what you should be feeling, etc. The freaking thing talks through every single pose. So beyond the distraction of all kinds of moving dots and circles on the screen, you have some skinny, digital uni-tard yapping away about how to achieve balance.

If my Wii Fit trainer were real, she would be fired. And slapped. Just listen to her yapping away.

And mine doesn't even have an awesome British accent. Screw you, YouTube, for showing me what I might have had!

Unfortunately, we already paid like ninety bucks for the game, so I suppose I got what I prepaid for. And I prepaid for a perfect-bodied gym rat to criticize mii and my posture. What is wrong with me?

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