Monday, August 16, 2010

Stupid Things

I saw an ad recently bragging that seven out of ten people who switch to Geico save money. I can't help but wonder what is up with those other three idiots.

Or the iPad. We can talk about the name all we want, but the fact is that Apple made a device that does the same things the iPhone does—minus making calls—with the "advantage" being that it's bigger. Because that's what we all want in our portable devices. Now, people like big screens, but what kills me is the incredibly inefficient use of space. There's room in that tablet to do just about as much as a regular netbook, but instead they've crippled the thing into only running apps and crap. It's backward innovation.

How about yoga classes? I've been looking for a place to get away for an hour or two a week and exercise, or maybe take a mommy and me class and get the kiddo some gym time too. And they're ridiculously expensive. Like $17 for one class, or $15 if you buy a bunch at once. What new mom can afford that on top of the cost of a new sports bra for her giant nursing boobs?


Lisa said...

I SO agree about the iPad. I do not see the appeal. I've seen people using them--it just looks so awkward. At least you can put a laptop on your lap. With an iPad you have to hold it up with one hand and do things with another, and you look like a big weirdo.

Shar said...

you make me laugh - and you're so right! on all 3. and i'm sure more. :D