Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I did all of that complaining stuff, and I feel like it's time to stop whining. It may be all of you yelling at me through your computer screen, but who knows. So it's time to say thank you. Seriously, I've got some fabulous friends and family. Heaven knows I'm the last person to deserve them!

First, Tim. He never said a word to blame me for getting fired. He's been as patient, kind, hard working, and flexible as ever (which is VERY) and then some. On top of all of the stress I've piled on him what with losing my income and fertility treatments and suddenly having to move, he took a CPA exam today and is taking another in a couple weeks! Talk about a total champ!

Then, to the very awesome people who made our anniversary spectacular even though we'd just hit a family crisis. Tim's friend Ron set us up with a room where he works in Colorado a few weeks ago, and we couldn't have been more grateful for the free lodging when the time came. Then Ashley (and Clif) totally made our day special with dinner. I can't thank them enough for their amazing generosity. We needed that. And I'm quite humbled by the help.

And of course, my parents. When I called them panicking about everything last week, they invited us to move in and offered all kinds of help without hesitation. I'm blessed enough to have the kind of parents who are there when you need them but don't smother us with parental care. My in-laws are that way, too.

Then, just because they knew I needed it, my two favorite stalkers came by with boxes and chocolate to comfort me after all of my disasters. They heard that a pyrex had exploded in my kitchen and decided that my day needed saving. Thanks Andee and Noel!

Eileen! She came over and just sat and talked with me last week because I needed someone to sit and talk with. She even put up with my Metformin-induced lethargy. Then she came back today with boxes and spent the whole afternoon (and into the evening) helping me pack up my life. Since sixth grade she has been one of the kindest, friendliest, and most generous people in my acquaintance, and she's been there for me to pick up after all of the biggest life-plosions and to celebrate the best days of my life.

And then there's a neverending list of people who have called or emailed or messaged me with words of encouragement. That list, naturally, overlaps significantly with the neverending list of people who have sat and listened to (or read) my tirades over the injustice of it all. I mean you guys. I save up all of the nice things you say to me (so sorry if I didn't reply) and think about them when I'm tired of packing. It makes a difference.

So out of all of the undeserving people whose friends you could be, thanks for being mine.

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