Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shut Up, Helen Mirren

Seriously, Helen? A female Doctor Who? You know what you've got a point. Feminism and all that.

If feminism means that young men have ABSOLUTELY NOBODY to look up to, even in pretty much the only genre of television made for them!

Doctor Who is a man. He can't just suddenly be a woman. That's a retarded surgical option humans have created, but I'm going to continue believing that Time Lords can get over any gender-confusion issues with counseling and not by mutilating/replacing their genitalia. Mmkay?

Can't we let it be OKAY to be a guy anymore? And why shouldn't a woman be "just" a sidekick? Is that so wrong? Women are overtaking men in employment rates, higher education, all kinds of stuff. So why can't we let one be a sidekick to a male hero? Can we seriously not get over this?

What's the problem with a woman subordinate to a man when the man treats her with respect? Geez, people. Since when is it uncool for a person to be in charge and also have a penis?

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