Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Don't Think That Means What You Think It Means

When I tell people Kella's been staying up all night screaming, they often respond with a sympathetic head tilt and something like, "Oh, so she's got her nights and days mixed up? That happens a lot with newborns."

But the appropriate response would have been, "Oh, so you're losing your mind a little more with each passing hour of the day or night? That happens a lot with newborns."

That is all.


Brooke said...


Jenny said...

Oh, you poor thing. When worrying about just getting through the pregnancy and having a healthy baby at the end, I think we often don't consider the realities of having a newborn. I have these dreams of all my troubles ending when the baby pops out - thanks for the reality check that the fun (insanity) is really only just beginning then.

I really hope your beautiful little girl gets her night-sleep on for you soon and that your poor head doesn't explode in the mean time! Hang in there! I've heard rumours that it gets better eventually.