Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Permission to Pop

I had my 35 week OB appointment today! It really wasn't exciting enough to merit an exclamation point, except that I graduated from 17P! No more expensive Makena for me! That's not to say I'm done trying to find a way for Colorado women to get the compounded generic (because even though the FDA changed its ruling, a CO law is still preventing compounding here), but it does mean that in about a week when this last shot wears off, there's nothing but my own body to stop me from going into labor! WAH!

And Dr. S. kept telling me how happy she is that I made it to term. "Not for two more weeks!" I kept reminding her, but she seemed to think 35 was close enough! Babies born at that age do very well, they wouldn't need to stop labor, blah, blah, blah. Certainly it is close compared to 25 weeks, but I really want to hit that 37 week mark for the sake of not having another preemie by technicality, even if it's just by a few days. 12 days would get me to term, and 13 would get me to a business day when one of my two OBs would actually be performing the delivery, so I'm hoping for at least that much longer!

She kept telling me that I'm basically fine to start laboring whenever, and while I see the logic, I'm definitely not ready to go! I have curtains to sew and cleaning to do! I'm looking forward to seeing this baby, and hoping she'll come out ready to fit the collection of adorable newborn-size clothes we have for her, but geez, gimme a minute to meet with the hospital birth plan people (a week from tomorrow) and pack my bag. And maybe get that growth ultrasound I've been wanting to make sure I'm not carrying a Hummer instead of a baby before I decide to forgo that repeat C-section.

I'm hoping she's a procrastinator like me. It would probably not be nice to also wish her a tiny, pointy head.


Jenny said...

Oh you'd better hurry up and get that bag packed! This is so great, I know you want the bub to wait but I'm excited for you - I want her to get here now! Haha - tiny pointed head...probably good just to settle for not a gianormous head hey? I'll be watching for news of her arrival - so exciting!

Shar said...

oh this is such an exciting and funny post! i'm glad you've made it to a pretty safe zone. i hope for both of you that she waits a little longer to arrive. (but i can't wait to hear her name!)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad that you are to "term", although yeah, I've never heard of 35 weeks being that mark. Here's to hoping you make it to 41 weeks :)