Friday, May 20, 2011

Hate This/Love That: Name Brand Diaper Edition

Hate This:

I pretty much can't stand Huggies. I mean, their diapers aren't all that bad. We actually use Huggies wipes because they were the first wipes we used that didn't irritate Finley's adorable and sensitive behind. But the diapers tend to chafe, and I find them to be exactly the same quality as generic diapers, but more expensive.

But by far the worst thing they offer is their "Enjoy the Ride" "rewards" program. Trust me, they worked hard to earn those scare quotes around "rewards"; in spite of using these wipes for a year now, I have yet to get ANYTHING from it. Besides that, I am NOT enjoying the ride, if by ride they are referring to their ugly, badly designed website and their nonexistent rewards.Not only does logging every code require (a) three screens' worth of BS, (b) two modes of verification—where I bought the dang wipes and one of those illegible text filters—and (c) clicking a RIDICULOUS number of times, but redeeming the points is somehow even more annoying. I have options: sweepstakes, instant win, donate, and catalog. Since there's never anything under donate (seriously, these A-holes won't let me just get rid of these things to help March of Dimes in some tiny way), and the catalog only ever allows you to purchase coupons for more Huggies products, I choose "Instant Win." Translation: "Lose, but Not Before Watching Annoying Animation." I click several buttons to verify that yes, I want to spend my idiotic points on this. I watch the moronic animation. I lose. I click to confirm my loss. I have disposed of 2 points. There is no way for me to just dump in all of my points to just get rid of them. Even though the program they use to dole out "rewards" would hand out the same instant win/loss result, they get some kind of sick pleasure out of me watching a cartoon mom watch her ugly cartoon baby fart in a bathtub.

Thanks, Huggies. My "reward" for using your product is apparently the desire to smash my computer monitor. If anyone wants my Huggies points, I will email you the codes, and where I bought them. The anti-robot code and Huggies BS is up to you.

Love That:

I can't get enough of Pampers. I love the diapers, and how they're super soft on my baby's super soft skin. They're the only diaper that never leaves nasty crinkle marks. The newborn ones have mesh that catches meconium nicely, plus a wetness indicator so I can keep baby dry. The sizes above are (like the newborn ones) super absorbent, soft, and of the utmost quality. We switched to cheaper Luvs for a while, but when I realized that through Amazon Mom I could switch back to Pampers for only a few bucks a month, I did it in a second. Admittedly, it was mostly because the Luvs have a perfume that was driving me nuts, and Pampers smell fine to me.

The rewards program, "Gifts to Grow," is fantastic. The website is easy to navigate, the points are SUPER easy to enter (I can even enter multiple codes at once), and the rewards are fantastic. They have donation options, toys, shutterfly packages—that's how I'm getting baby girl's announcements printed!—everything actual moms actually want. And you actually get things when you spend your points. You can even choose to buy multiples of most things if you want to use more points. It's like shopping, instead of like a torturous trip to a gas station in the middle of Hell where you have to scratch that nasty silver crap off of hundreds of little cards to find out you've won NOTHING—oh sorry, I stopped talking about Huggies "rewards" earlier. Anyway, Pampers rewards can be used to actually purchase things you want.

And they're not stingy with them, either. I have plenty of points to get those baby announcements, and by the time I buy them I will have enough more for maybe some cute thank-yous or at least a small donation to a charity that helps kids. They give away points through their Facebook page, through extras when you purchase, and as freebies in registry packages. They're not kidding; there are actual rewards to buying Pampers besides putting something soft on your kid's butt.

While no diaper, no matter how hard it tries, can stop the most horrible of inevitable blowouts, and in that respect all diapers may be equal, I choose Pampers for superiority in every other way. Well, except price. They're the most expensive mass-market diapers you can put on your baby that you have to throw away afterward. Still, to me the few bucks a month is totally worth it.

Oh, and as an aside about Pampers wipes: I love them. The boy may be allergic to them, but I used what was left in the pack to remove makeup or refresh my face. They're fantastic as far as wipes go, with an actual weave to them instead of being like thick, wet, quilted TP. So if you see me in Target buying some, it's because (a) I'm hoping baby girl isn't allergic to them, or (b) I ran out of face wash and they're just so . . . nice.

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