Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well That's New

I accidentally took a bit of a shower in the car wash today. We traded down to an older SUV so we could use what once was car payment money for baby preparations (and the crib I want is on sale this week!), and when securing the car for a wash today, nobody thought the sun roof might be open. That fantasy I used to have of bathing in a car wash with all of the soap sprayers and automatic rinsers almost came true, and now I have a rash on my arms from the detergent. Figures that a high-quality shower would have skin-irritating soap.


Lisa said...

Hahahahaha!!!!! Wow, that happened in real life. I hope the rash goes away soon :/

Jenny said...

Oh my - this gave me a good chuckle! I also used to think what fun it would be to go through the car wash, and I'm very disappointed to hear that it wasn't as fun as I imagined. Hope that rash isn't too bad and goes away soon. Guess you've got more sensitive skin than does your car.