Monday, February 8, 2010

Things, Etc.

I'm going to be brief.

I have 6mm of cervix left—maybe a week's worth at the rate I've been progressing. Baby B has managed to get a foot down below Baby A, so my doctor is fairly sure that when I go into labor, we will have a shot at a delayed-interval delivery, meaning our boys would have different birthdays, and Baby A would likely be a lot healthier than if we delivered them both early. The complication is that labor could begin basically whenever. We need it to hold off for at least 11 more days for Baby B to be viable. Any way to stop labor is contraindicated in my situation, so we basically need another miracle. And that's totally possible.

Now on to more exciting things!

We're in the middle of buying a house. Once all of our loan paperwork is processed, we're basically ready to close on March 5 or so. I'm falling more and more in love with this house. It's a cute 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch with vaulted ceilings throughout. The third bedroom/office is in the front of the house off of the living room, and will make a great computer/playroom area since the boys will be sharing a room.

The kitchen is enormous. We'll buy all new appliances and basically never want for cabinet/eating/hangout space. I'm excited to change out the hardware on the cabinets and find a way to comfortably fill all that space.

Of course, the biggest deal to me is that we'll finally have a master bathroom! It's lovely and has a vanity space where I can sit and do my makeup. We'll tile the whole thing and put in radiant heat so our toes don't freeze off in winter, and it'll be ready for us to move in in no time at all.

While I won't get to go home there until both babies are safely delivered, once I can move in, I'll be able to enjoy a nice bath in the soaking tub, pick out my preferred decor, arrange the furniture the way I want it (or at least ask Tim to do it), and do something other than lie in bed playing idiotic Facebook games for hours on end and falling asleep anytime I out a show on.

I hope decorating, organizing, and watching spring bloom in our cute backyard will keep me distracted during the babies' inevitable NICU stay . . . which may start as soon as 11 days from now.

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Lisa said...

You can do it!! 11 days. Totally doable. Still praying for you. And I'm so excited for your house! Even though I'm kind of jealous :) I would KILL to decorate my own place!!