Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whole Foods "Two-Bite" Cafe Scones Not Really Two Bites

I'm a person with a fairly large mouth. In fact, when I had braces installed in my mouth at age thirteen, my molars merited bands three sizes larger than that of a grown man. So when I buy something that claims to be "two bites," I expect that it will take me approximately two bites, and possibly fewer, to consume the morsel.

Therefore, when I purchased some "Two-Bite" Cafe Scones at Whole Foods, I was quite surprised to find myself taking an obligatory third, fourth, fifth, and even sixth bite. Could it be magical scones? Certainly it couldn't be a misnomer! I mean, it's not a "how many licks does it take" situation by any means. Bites are much more measurable, and yet they were off by four whole bites, or 200% of their bite claim.

I can only conclude that Whole Foods expects me to wholly stuff my face. There can be no other conclusion. Why else would they advertise such innocent scones with a phrase that would otherwise be so patently false?

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Sarah McMullin said...

Was the scone good? This post makes me WANT ONE.