Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking Like a Thousand Bucks

I've been looking for the past little while for a dress for my anniversary (this Friday), and since we'll be attending the opera after a little fine dining, it had to be something at least a little fancy. The Sixteenth Street Mall failed me; the most appropriate attire was at the Dress Barn. I generally refuse to wear anything that comes from a barn unless it was once the skin of a cow.

Anyway, today Tim took me to an outlet mall. We managed to park near Neiman Marcus, so that was where we first searched. Besides having an impressive selection of cocktail-style dresses, the sales were massive. Here's what I found:

$360 Slinky Deep Teal Dress: $31.50 on sale at Neiman's! It needs a few alterations to be modest, but at that price, it's totally worth it. Yay for cheapies!

$695 Strappy Dark Gold Stilettos: $78.00, also on sale at Neiman's. I guess when a few seasons go by these puppies find their way into outlets and get marked down over and over again until someone like me can afford them!

Gold Concentric Circle Earrings: $7.50 at Claire's. Not everything in the mall can be on sale. And yes, I do find it appropriate to shop in the little girls' section, but only for jewelry! They were cheap, but simple enough not to look too shabby with the whole ensemble.

Looking like $1,062.50 for only $117.00: Priceless!

I haven't felt great lately; Thursday's appointment with Dr. Arrigo has spawned another rigmarole of tests, but she has her suspicions already. I suppose worry—and being sick and tired of being sick and tired—has taken its toll, and looking good again really got me feeling good. And of course, nothing quite heals like retail therapy.

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Shar said...

what?! we can't see the pictures! I want to see this thousand dollar ensemble. hope your anniversary is FABULOUS!